In The Spirit...
William the repentant
Miriam the fisherwoman
Florence, the convert
Margo, the inspired one
Marvin, the accountant
Randall, the believer
Martin, the hero
Charles, the architect
Alan, the merchant
Fred, the faithful
Marvin and Gina, the charitable
He who walked among you

Voices Beyond the Veil
©Marlena Tanya Muchnick, 2003

Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart. Now, behold, this is the spirit of revelation;...
Doctrine and Covenants 8:2,3.

Behold, the Lord has shown unto me great and marvelous things...
Mormon 8:34.

The gift of revelation is limited only by man's capacity to receive it.

I am William the repentant

This is my testimony of repentance. Repentance is the only way Heavenly Father will accept us in His legion. When I was young I committed all manner of sinfulness. I was promiscuous and I indulged in many other pastimes that were not correct in God's eyes. Oh, my crimes were not great ones, but crimes against myself, and they needed to be totally forgiven. I was not then aware of the saving power of Christ, our master.

When I finally was awakened to my Father in Heaven's plan for my life I came to Him in sincere repentance and asked mightily for the forgiveness I knew I needed before proceeding further. He laid out a Plan for me that led directly to Him. I followed that path and repentance paved the way for me to arrive there. I had to participate in the process fully before the Lord would forgive and forget the liaison between myself and my sinfulness.

I fell upon my face many times and asked with an increasingly humble heart for God's awareness of all my sins and his focussing upon them because I needed the help of my Father to become whole once more.

I was cleansed of all sin and because I was cleansed I am a new man and I feel wonderful. In the mortal world we are tested and tried by the Adversary. We need all our strength to resist him. I surely am not worthy of the highest glory, I feel, but without repentance I would be worth far less. I could not abide that darkness and distance from the Lord Jesus Christ who comes to visit me in my afflictions and who will comfort me for eternity.

I love the Lord my God, I sing his praises all day and night. He is wondrous to behold. He shines and radiates love from all corners of creation. He has come to smile upon me. I fall at his feet. I am all amazed at the love Jesus has for me, his errant son who was blind, but now I see. Glory be to the Highest and to the Son of God, who comes to me.

I would tell you to bide your time well in the human abode and learn the ways of the Kingdom in your heart, your home and your daily lives. Come unto Christ with a true and repentant heart that longs to free itself of earthly cares, free of the shackles of sin. Rise above it all to the heavens that await you. Give up your trespasses and you will know your Savior, elude the Adversary and his legions. Cleansed, you will come forth in the First Resurrection. Grow and progress toward your eternal salvation that awaits you here in the eternities.

I am Miriam the fisherwoman

I have a knowledge of Jesus Christ in a very direct way, as I have seen him in life and again in death. I was among the women who saw him in Jerusalem. I was on the Mount of Olives when he spoke to us. We were gathered together, having heard his wondrous voice before. It was sonorous, of great power and calm, hard to hear yet clear until it sounded inside oneself. He came to us in a whisper, softly, without fanfare and without time, it seemed. And he stayed long enough to answer all our questions, and we had many. We stayed with him and asked him many things.

I was given the privilege of seeing the Savior in person, before his death on the cross. He was fair of face, handsome in a stern but unprepossessed way. He spoke with great authority and we all listened to him. He was profound, he spoke of the resurrection of the soul and spirit. He told us of his Father in Heaven and of the heaven that awaits us all. He was not curt but exacting, taking us to him one by one and blessing us on the head and shoulders. His smile, I remember, was beautific and his mien was of innocence, simple and yet beautiful, so that we knew he was the Christ.

Each of us bowed to him, eventually, before he left us. He proclaimed the kingdom of heaven was at hand and that he had come to save us all through his death on the cross which had been put there for the redemption of all nations in the coming years.

I remember that we all loved and respected him. He spoke with brilliance and, taking someone beneath his wing he taught them as one having total authority. He commanded the wind be still that we might listen and hear him without disturbance. He was and is a perfect man. All that he proclaimed is coming to pass upon the earth and for me now in the spirit.

I love my Jesus the Christ. I have learned many things here at his knee and I am forever grateful to him.

I am Florence, the convert

When I was very young I committed sins. I was always sharp to my mother and I did not honor her or my father much. I was willful and often had my say in life. But when I grew up I found the Church through learning about the Prophet Joseph Smith and I fully repented of my behavior. I believed his story and I knew God had spoken through him. I loved him. The work has been done for me in a temple of the Lord.

The principle of repentance is eternal. We only know what we find on earth and what our leaders tell us, but here in the eternities, waiting for our Savior to again descend to earth, we know that -repentance is a perfect principle of salvation. It cures the world of its ills. Salvation is freedom from sin and repentance. Where the soul has become perfect no repenting is necessary, but that takes millenia. On earth we need to repent all the time and to be faithful in all we do that we can come before the Father at the end of life and have His blessing and the blessings of the brethren here and in the church here in Heaven. I see the prophets here teaching thousands upon thousands the truth and those souls are having to go through deep repentance for the mess they made of their lives on earth. If we don't repent we ask the Lord to accept us as we are now on earth. He will do so, but he places us where we can get greater understanding and help for our troubles and illnesses of our spirit. To not repent is to not cleanse the spirit and not want to be with God after this life is over. The devil has his tricks and he will come to you and offer you rewards that are not of God in order that you will follow him. Bring repentance into your life and watch sin leave it. Without repentance being available we are always in the dark and cannot learn to love properly, because we cannot see the good in God or in ourselves. We have been given the mind and will of God and we are capable on earth of all that He is or has or can do, through the Priesthood. When we do not take advantage of our ability to repent we forfeit that wondrous ability to know our own worth and that of our Father, for that pathway is never opened and set before us. The feast of life demands that we cleanse ourselves of all unrighteousness and strive to be faithful to the Lord and his teachings. I testify to you that repentance is a true principle.

I am Margo, the inspired one

My life was hard. I was the daughter of a farmer in Iowa and we raised pigs, hogs, chicken, beef. I worked hard there until I met my husband to be. We moved away and raised our children. In my difficult childhood I found much peace in the love of the Lord who inspired me to work hard and to love my parents and my husband. Marshall was so good and sweet to me we got along right away. I would come to him and tell him of my great love of Christ. He knew how I felt and he returned that love. We went on to live lives that were uplifted by the knowledge that our Savior is always with us and that he feeds us his truths as we eat, sleep and walk, as we pray and as we contemplate our lives. I am always inspired of God to write and play and sing and to tell of the beauty of Heaven and the beauty and perfection of our Lord.

Inspiration is a word used to denote a feeling of oneness with God, a feeling of peace in His presence and of insight into His basic wants for us and His need of us in His life. When I was on the earth I came into contact with an inspired minister who taught me the order of prayer at an early age. I prayed mightily to the Father in hopes he would hear me. I asked to be inspired of Him that I might know the testimony of truth. He responded with the most beautiful and perfect prayer in return. I felt inspired to write it down and have always kept it. I sing now to tell the world the truth of the beauty of Heaven and the beauty and perfection of our Lord in Heaven.

Inspiration brings me peace. When I think on the beautiful surroundings He has prepared for us I am amazed and beautified in His presence. I feel beauty is within me and I radiate it outward to others I meet. I am always in His presence and the presence of my Lord, because they care for me and sends angels after me to do their work within me. Sing the praises of the Lord. He is perfect in his robes of white and red and he comes often to all those who love him. Now in Heaven we see him often and we love and adore him forevermore. He comes soon to the generations of mankind to adjudicate them.

I am Marvin, the accountant

I was a retired account, a banker. My early life was of the sort that knew much trouble. I went to bed at night sometimes very unhappy and afraid of tomorrow and what it would bring. When I was a boy I heard of a man who said he knew what the truths of the world were and I went to see him. He was big and strong and handsome. He told me I lacked a certain faith in the Savior who is Jesus Christ. He gave me a book and sent me home to read it and I did read it. I came away convinced that Jesus is the Christ and that I had to follow him to find any happiness anywhere. I have learned to love others and to serve them in charity.

When I was grown I was involved in many affairs of state and knew many famous people. Never in my adult life have I known of anyone who matched my love of Christ or my fervor for the gospel as it was written there in that book. I live my entire life with inspiration for my Savior and his kingdom there in Heaven. I have dreamed that he is perfect beyond description and demure and lovely and loving to all who he meets. I believe he is coming to earth again soon to finish the world's work and to bind Satan, but no one knows where he will be received there.

I had six children with my beautiful wife and we taught them all to love Christ and to long for his kingdom. My life is only inspired because of my lifelong devotion to those few but true principles. I learned right away that insolence before God is an abomination. I prided myself on righteous living and attained a wealthy and happy status because of it.

What inspired me is the knowledge that Jesus our Savior loves us all and that he helps us to do what is right that we can be blessed. Inspiration is of God and the Holy Ghost who comes and tells us what we need to know to re-enter the kingdom of Heaven. If we ascribe to that instruction we will be exalted above and we will see our Heavenly Father again. I always tried to live in such a way that I could count on seeing my family again and we are all here now, awaiting the return of our Savior to the earth, that our family may live together eternally.

I am Randall, the believer

This is a testimony of faith in Heavenly Father. When I was young a man came to me and said I needed more faith in God. I pretended to believe him to see what he was up to. He presented me with a book and urged me to read it. I did so and was caught up in it. I knew it to be true and decided to live my life in accordance with this book. I have since found that faith is the measure of belief we all have in what we read, see, imagine and divine to be true. I know the precepts put forth in this book, called the Book of Mormon, are true and I have embraced it all my life with the same fervor I have for life.

I have found over the years when my faith in humanity was lessened the lessons in this book helped me to promote my personal understanding until I could no longer endure being without complete faith in God and His wondrous power to convert minds and hearts to His will. When we agree that God's will is greatest among all, our faith is immeasurably strengthened. There are many precepts in the Book of Mormon worth hearkening to. The principles therein are full of light of truth, and one who follows in the path of Christ is bound to grow to love him and to have enormous faith in the truth he presented from his Father in Heaven. I personally gained a great testimony just listening, reading and praying to know the true way.

I am new here in the spirit world, learning constantly and gaining even greater assurance that the principles presented in the Bible and the Book of Mormon are true.

I am Martin, the hero

I was a wartime hero. When I was in the Vietnam war a shrapnel bomb exploded beneath my feet. I immediately felt weak and in shock and fainted away. When I came to, I was on a stretcher in the jungle and my back and face were both torn. I screamed in agony many times throughout the long, torturous nights that followed until an Army sergeant came to call on me and read to me from the Bible. He talked about Jesus Christ and how he had accepted onto himself all of our pain and how we owed him our lives. If we had to die for what we believe in we would be like him.

His words made my pain easier and I immediately felt better. When I was released to go home I knew that faith had brought me through it all. There was a time in my life when faith was just a word, and a bad one at that, because I didn't believe. But now I know that we all need to be faithful and diligent when we are working for the Lord, and that is all the time. My faith helped to pull me through the war, to bind up my psychic wounds and to become an effective person again.

I am Charles, the architect

I come here today to tell thee about my love of my Savior, who is Jesus Christ. When I was a boy I lived in England and Wales in 1880. Jesus came to me and gave me the spirit of discernment and service through prophecy in that I could "see" the results of the right and wrong in my life and the lives of others whose lives were marred by unhappy occurrences. By means of receiving premonitions of danger to others I could help them avoid problems or to at least work through them. I was an architect and built many beautiful structures. None of my buildings were churches but I built a monastery for all the monks there. I found solace in doing the works of Christ and became a staunch follower of his. I followed the Savior throughout my life there on earth and I died I came here to spirit prison where he comes and ministers.

Christ is my Savior. I see him here and I speak with him. When I was on earth he came to me often and told me of his love for me and his devotion to all mankind. All in my family were followers and went to church when we could. I was a Catholic then and I loved my church. I remember going before the altar and praying to better know my Savior, to get his blessings upon my head and for my life.
I believe in Christ. In all the marvelous ways he changed my heart from a boy to that of a man, bent upon service and love of others. I became a god fearing man. My family was not devout but I developed a real love for the gospel as it was taught to me and I loved to recite the missal and to say the prayers out loud in Latin and in English. My wife in later years was a practicing Catholic as well, and we were both happy to attend the church of the Lord.

Christ gave me the foresight to look beyond myself and to see all that is there. He gave me great insight and purpose. He came to me at a time when I was low and feeling unloved and without purpose and gave me power to make my own life worthy. He gave me the ability to see that life without love is purposeless and that I could never achieve what I wanted in life without his help. He gave me greater love for the Father and for the Son, which he is. He gave me all that I possess and ever will possess. He is my father and I love him mightily. That is my testimony.

My name is Alan, the merchant

I am a Christian from France. I lived in Vichy in my youth and became a very successful merchant, always giving fealty to my Father in Heaven and my Christ. I became enamored of a woman there and Jesus helped me to see that she was not the proper one for me. I later married into a large family where I was given exclusive reign of the place. I married well and we had several children, all of whom are righteous beings and who have gone far in life. I feel that Jesus has come to me, waiting upon me that I might understand him and his purpose among us. He is sweet and gentle with us all.

I am a happy man today because of what I know of Christ. He has come to tell us all that the world is his and God's and that they want us to inherit it from them and live side by side with them in harmony and peacefulness. I have had revelations from them. They abhor war and dissension. My Savior has helped me to sort out my problems with my children so they would worship our Heavenly Father. When first I had revelation of him I hearkened right away. He is magnetic, he pulls people to him through his inner strength and beauty and innocence.

The Lord has prompted me to start a successful business and to marry well. He has changed my heart so it is not cold but warm and friendly. He has watched me grow and urged me on to greater things. He is my Redeemer and he has given me the hope that I may once again see my God in Heaven. Jesus Christ is the perfect one and I worship him as well as the Father in Heaven.

I know that Jesus the Christ is the Savior of the world, that he came to us to help us and to lead us back to him that the Father may have his children back again with Him. I know that Jesus has far to go to see all of us who love him and who are faithful to him and that he has much to do each day of our lives to edify our existence upon the earth. I know that he is with us in the eternities. On earth he will soon reign for one thousand years in righteousness. I know that I love and cherish him and his presence with me. I am his disciple and I love his longsuffering for all of us because we can now learn how to survive together forever.

I am Fred, the faithful

I was a special person on earth. As an accountant I handled large sums of money for a brokerage firm and I was particularly blessed with faith during my life. It wasn't always easy to find it when I needed it, but happily I always found it. Faith in the Lord is uppermost in my mind now, but when I was growing up there were many life issues which required faith like that of my ancestors, but I couldn't find the energy to make that desire real.

I was working one night when I felt faint. I had diabetes and took regular insulin shots. I had fallen into some kind of coma-like state. When I awoke I was alone, everyone else had left the building. I could not get out and had to spend the night there alone. It was an awful experience. I remember praying throughout the night and when morning came there were no faces nearby to speak with. I learned faith that night, to depend solely on the Lord for my sustenance and to bring myself down to a humble level so he could administer to me.

I have many stories which engender faith in life. Let me tell you one, of that dark afternoon of fear and longing for those things that are never fulfilled. It was a rainy night on the railroad. I was then an agent on duty in the building and in sole charge. A man came into the shop. He wore a funny jacket on and a sour look. He held me up for the money in the safe, small amount though it was. I immediately called my superiors and they came to see if they could help. The man had left the building, he was headed to town in a white truck. We followed after him until we reached him and arrested him for trespassing and theft. He went to jail. It was my faith that saved me because I did not give in to him. I gave him the money but I retained my courage and my self-possession.
My faith had seen me through it all and forever it helps me in all that I have done.

We are Marvin and Gina, the charitable

I am Marvin. When I was young I lived in a southern state. We were poor and had little to farm and to eat. Once I happened upon a rabbit trapped in a trap by a hunter. I freed him but his leg was broken, poor thing. I took him home and splinted the leg and it healed in a matter of weeks. When my family realized that I had a rabbit and it was meat, they wanted to kill and eat it. I wouldn't let them do so. I took the rabbit out and let it go, knowing that freedom to that rabbit was more important to God than meat for my family. Charity is the pure love that one exhibits to another and it flows as living water throughout our souls.

A little while later a cow was brought to us for milking and that cow came to be known as Dinner. We raised it and eventually slaughtered it and gave it to all of our family to eat. We were extremely grateful to that cow for its donation of its body to us for meat and milk.

I am Gina and I will share a story with you. I've had many experiences with charitable living. Once, when I was small my mother took me to a doctor for my swollen foot. She was very beautiful. We went to the doctor and he fixed my foot. He told us he would not charge us as he knew my mother had little to pay him with. Nevertheless, he looked after us as a father for many years, checking our bodies and giving us many free services. I know this was because we were poor and had not enough even to cover ourselves. Charitable works have surrounded my all my life and I have tried mightily to repay the blessing with my own measure of giving freely.

I am he who walked among you.

I will give thee a story of charity. When I preached along the Sea of Galilee a great storm grew up. When I walked on the water to Peter he turned to me and said "Master, I come to thee," but he soon lost faith and fell into the water. I gave out my hand to him and he took it and was saved, but how many of us take the hand of another who can save us from death? I am the living water, the way and the way back from death.

My own death and resurrection was the greatest charity of all and few there be who find the way to me and to my kingdom, which is the kingdom of the Father as well. The great charity of the Father is that He has made possible for us the way to come home through the hearts of others and through our own solemn testimony of the truth of His kingdom.

Charity works in a way different from all other things, it must be given without remuneration and with no hope of reward. Too many are eager for reward and do not love with a full heart. Be kind to all whom you meet and love them with a full heart, knowing you are sisters and brothers, and that is charity enough, for a large part.

We take it for granted but the world perishes in disbelief and in coldness to others. We need to be aware of others and be giving toward them that they will be giving to all who come within their range of view. They must ask themselves what is charitable about each person that is memorable and that can be presented to me and to my Father. We are waiting for them to repent and come unto me and to my Father. That is the most important thing they can know at this time.