Songs In The Spirit
©Marlena Tanya Muchnick, 2003

A Song of Renewal

I think a seed hears that beat of time
Shuddering it toward life, its nascent memory stirs
A prescient song that God,
exulting in His creations,
Wrought upon it.

How must it feel?
That shivering readiness to be touched
By Majesty?

I would awake like the tocsin of cymbals and drums
Wonder at tremors lifting me
Rolling and twisting.
Molded like fire gorges sand
A hot, surging chrysalis of glowing glass
Until I am pliant,
Eager for the Craftsman's tongs.

I think there is a Muse of seed life,
Trumpets rally forth upon shards of air,
Herald each renewal as found treasure
And symphonies accompany
The solemn unfolding of a flower.

See the universe as a perpetual foundry of God
Who ignites the forge that illumines life.
It is like a song of love;
His everlasting lullaby
Of eternal rebirth.