Songs In The Spirit
©Marlena Tanya Muchnick, 2003

Song of Redeeming Love

Heavenly Father,
Thou with whom seraphs1 abide,
Come, lift our spirits with Thy flame of lasting love,
Thy perfect grace.
That all who enter in Thy care
May see again2
Thy sacred Face.

O, may our souls be giv'n unto
Eternal joy and peace.
Thy grace abounds. Thy mercy swells
The hearts of all who hear Thy call.

The sweetest melody of all.
Thy wondrous song of redeeming love3..

1 2 Ne 16:2; Isa 6:2 2 Abr 3:22-26 3 Mormon 9:12; Moses 5:11; D&C 138