Songs In The Spirit
©Marlena Tanya Muchnick, 2003

Song Of Inspiration

My Father, Whom I love so dear,
Thou art my Light, my shining hour.
Beneath Thy just, refining1 Hand
My blessings multiply.

As Thou reveals Thy will, Thy Law2 -
This student lists, on bended knee,
With quickened ear and grateful heart.
And knows that Thou art God of all.

O bring me joy and whisper nigh
Thy secrets of eternity
That I may hear Thy deepest thoughts,
That truth may ever burn in me3.

O loose me not, my precious Lord
For I, thy child am evermore
Thy servant, thy disciple suffering long.
But bless me as the Saints4 of old:
Smart and brave and gospel strong

That I may more fully serve Thee On High
In this waste place,
Then later in Thy courts of Peace.

O, how I love Thee, Father.
Father, how I love Thy Son.
Who ransomed5 me from death and from
The awful sins of flesh

That I might come forth to see Thee,
To dwell forever in Thy Light.
1 2Ne 24:2 2 D&C 19:26; 84:44 3 Heb 12:29; D&C 84:44
4 D&C 45:45; 84:2 5 Matt 20:28; D&C 95:1, D&C 56:18