Songs In The Spirit
©Marlena Tanya Muchnick, 2003

Song Of Faith

Faith is to us what the universe is to God. It cannot exist without Him.
He is the marvel of creation and all things are in supplication to Him.
His word is perfect and long standing.
His voice is all pervading and all comforting.

Faith in the Heavenly One of Israel is having faith in all of creation, all of mankind,
All that has ever been created and all that will be created.
Faith is the essential plum of life. It springs forth from man continuously
And without interruption; though he tries to interrupt it, he cannot,
For it is eternal and of long standing in all of God's creatures.

Faith is more than a word. It is the essence of life and without it we cannot live
We cannot prosper. Be faithful in all things,
knowing God will supply thee with all that thou needs
And with all that thou requires for good.
Take thy faith with thee as a purse goeth with thee,
that thou might dip into it from time to time to find all the jewels therein
That God has laid out and prepared
For those who love Him.

Faith is a miracle of existence: without it the world cannot turn,
The sun cannot shine, love cannot grow and harvest is never seen.

Faith in God and in Christ lifts the mortal soul to exaltation and to eternal love.
WIthout faith there is only darkness and pain and suffering,
As in Hitler's time and many times throughout life on our planet.
We know faith to be our guiding light and the light that
Shineth forth from heaven with its eternal flame
Always lit.

Faith cannot be extinguished. It is eternal.
Those who have no faith are doomed to an existence that is puerile,
Worth little. They cannot know their true destiny or achieve it
In any course or at any price.

Love is the founder of faith and love also is eternal.
The love we feel for others is a small token of the love
That Heavenly Father feels for us.

We are the express product of His faith in all of mankind
Which He has created for His own purposes.
The planets, and earth especially, shall one day feel the extent of His love
When the Savior of mankind comes to call
To stay upon the earth to rule and reign here.

Be of good cheer and have faith eternal, for thy purpose here is being fulfilled.