Songs In The Spirit
©Marlena Tanya Muchnick, 2003

A Child's Rhyme

"What is love?" one asked of me.
It comes of God. It's charity.
"And what is that?" one asked again.
I pondered more and answered then:

Love is the joy our Savior feels for all his flock.
Love's eternal -it minds no clock.

When we lived as spirit children,
Our Father taught us all
To know His ways so we'd progress
In doing deeds of happiness.

To kindly think, to gently touch.
I'm thankful that we learned so much!
He taught that giving of our time
And talents is a task divine
That brings relief to those who pine
For God's great care.

Jesus lives to love us all.
We are his greatest hope.
Though we will have our trials in life
He's taught us how to cope:

Let love for God unite all souls
In brotherhood and peace.
Be faithful, sweet and giving, dear.
Then watch your worries cease.

Love is the engine of the worlds
Bringing hope in time of strife.
Open your heart to all. Enjoy
The miracle that is life.