What people are saying about People of The Book

"I loved your description of the painting. I'd never looked at the painting like that. The characterization is excellent. The story line pulled me right into the book, deep into the character. You brought Yesod alive; he thinks and feels as a real person… I could feel his deep love of the Jew praying, and his conflicts. I could identify with Yesod's quest for spiritual truth. " ....Jerry, assistant bookstore manager and author

"Well conceived, beautifully crafted, and a great read. The window into a Jew's religious life is well worth the price of this novel." D. Robins, Int'l MGA Journal

"From cover to cover, riveting. Muchnick skillfully, artfully draws the reader into the heart and soul of one Jewish man's experience as he discovers his Messiah. " G. Cottrell

"The sweet simplicity of this book reveals the sweet simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This easy flowing novel should be read by Jews and Christians alike. " E. Bakow

"Finally, a Jewish story told with warm tenderness of heart about an orthodox Jew's journey to know his Messiah." Mitch Molling,

"Marlena Tanya Muchnick's novel, People of The Book, is about Yesod, an Orthodox Jew... this decision to change his life and religious allegiance brings uproar and confusion in every aspect of his life, including his relationship with the woman he loves. People of The Book is recomended as a well written, profoundly thoughtful, and soul-searching story." Midwest Book Review (www.midwestbookreview.com, Small Press Bookwatch, Fiction).

"Most recently read People of the Book. It certainly is well written. I have always been interested in glimpses into the Jewish culture. She needs to keep writing." Dr Roy Baker, Superintendent of Schools

"This book is important - to help non-Jews understand Jews. It expands our understanding while giving us an inspiring captivating spiritual story and a bit of a romance. When I read it the second time, I realized it was teaching me about the Jewish thoughts, feelings and conversations of the hero in a wonderful way. I understood better his worship, his banter with friends, the romantic hopes of his engagement, and what a devout Jew feels about Christ." D. Baker